Gesine Danckwart – as curator, author and director, she develops theater, film and media art projects. Her plays have been translated into more than 15 different languages and have been produced at various theaters in Germany and abroad and performed as radio plays. She develops projects in collaboration with state theaters as well as within international contexts, which retell reality – in theater spaces or fictionalized urban settings, in real-life and media spaces. For the Goldveedelsaga at the Kölner Schauspielhaus, a space and rooms belonging to it were utilized. In cooperation with the HAU in Berlin, the Dong Xuan Center, for example, was turned into a venue and projects such as Chez Icke were realized – this collaboration continues to be very successful in different creative contexts (at HAU Berlin, Gessnerallee Zurich, Impulse Festival, among others) as well as in cooperation with other theaters and radio stations, always exploring the question of the analog social ‘we’ and the digital self. Via avatar it was possible to beam oneself into our barfactory or embark on a digital journey outdoors.

In Peeping Town she will be collaborating with the director and author Cao Kefei and the dramaturg Eva-Maria Bertschy, continuing the work on the avatars and expanding it out into the cities and the real life stories in them, or rather, the stories that are well scripted.

Cao Kefei – theater director, co-founder of the Ladybird Theater in Beijing, studied German philology and theater studies in Shanghai and Berne. She has translated and staged German-language contemporary drama into Chinese numerous times and has initiated and realized transcultural cooperations with artists from China and Europe, for example In die Mitte des Himmels at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (2009). In 2008, she co-founded the Ladybird Theater, which is characterized by interdisciplinary, performative and sometimes

documentary work. Since 2007, she has developed a series of documentary projects such as Together at HAU Berlin (2007) and Der rundere Mond at Schlachthaus Bern (2010) and she collaborated with Rimini Protokoll on Volksrepublik Volkswagen (2014) and Top Secret International (2016) as co-dramaturg/author.

Eva-Maria Bertschy – studied sociology and literary sciences at the University of Freiburg (CH). As a freelance dramaturg and production manager, she has collaborated with Ersan Mondtag, Schauplatz International, Hannah Hurtzig / Mobile Akademie Berlin, Judith Wilske and Tim Zulauf / KMU Produktionen, among others. Since 2013, she has been working as dramaturg and researcher alongside Milo Rau and the International Institute of Political Murder, with whom she has created numerous pieces and other theatrical formats, for example Hate Radio (HAU Berlin 2011 / Berlin Theatertreffen 2012), Die Zürcher Prozesse (Theater Neumarkt 2013), The Civil Wars (Kunstenfestival 2014) and the documentary Das Kongo Tribunal (Bukavu, East Congo and Berlin 2015/2016).