Current Projects

We develop projects dealing with digital spaces and real life. Are we the protagonists in our own film or is this the game master’s imagination? Modified, improved, scripted, bigger than life? And is that not actually the even better experience?

Our main tool are Avatars – We create our avatars inspired by science fiction series, gaming formats and digital modes of communication. The technological tool is based on our previous projects: The actors wear a small live camera including a microphone on their forehead. This way the viewer can see and hear the events from the point of view and personal perspective of the avatars, of the playing self. The avatars can receive messages and be directed by means of a backward channel. So the audible and visible experience is in real time, one can communicate and play with other people via the avatar. Using a chat system, the conversations can be written by anyone. Avatars are robots. Their creators transform them into humanoid beings, into quasi-human beings, by feeding them with them a repertoire of adaptable sentences and replies which simulate an independent intellectual capacity. But they only become independent personalities by gathering own memories and a set of distinctive experiences. They will offer the audience different ways of coming into contact with them or following them – they will talk to them, dance for them, invite them to parties, they will take on the role of a mediator or step up to the microphone to sing the song of the night. They are hybrid characters, humanoid entertainment robots. They evoke intimacy but, at the same time, the Internet is always clearly part of the game. The viewers are always present via the camera. As anonymous observers, however, they don’t only witness harmless encounters.

With a mobile phone right in front of our faces, within our consciousness, at our fingertips, which become refined keyboard-tentacles, with the craving for my image, for your image, for everything, just so it’s there, my meals, my sexuality, my house, my vacation and, of course, my most perfected selfie – we post ourselves through our lives. There is nothing that hasn’t been mapped, evaluated and essentially equalized on the net.

Or is there? Is there still something out there that is analog, resistant, something that hasn’t been subsumed, that is yet to discover, a space behind, beside, or in-between, human beings, regional lifestyles?